TFC // A First Stride

Session 2 - The Good, the Bad and the Fluffy

by Lachlan Tremaine - She'himas

After our Travellers swiftly dispatched of a half-dozen attacking Axe Beak monstrosities…

  • Pitz and Belathor attempt to physically coerce the old priest, Leskyn of Gyo’ord, into healing them following the battle until She’himas intervenes.
  • Hearing the cries of others for their beloved children it’s now clear that several children from the town have been kidnapped.
  • Realizing the kidnappers must surely be heading onward to Barkswatch Thornton they decide to cut through the Wildwood to save time.
  • The greedy Pitz and Belathor attempt to fool the Blood Knuckles into assisting them for a “pitzance” of what they’ve been offered.
  • She’himas realises ’owsitgarn Ezegarn should be between Fuckwhatsmytownsnameville Quillion and Barkswatch, the nearest Strider holdfast, and may be nearby and able to lend some help.

AND THEN Belathor bought a blanket at Taylors Swift supplies.

When Pitz’s jilted lover servant, Handle, informed the Blood Knuckles of the true award on offer, the pair decided to set out with the still groggy Brysseis, Tavon and Gunther in contest. Departing town, the adventurers soon arrive on the outskirts of the grove of a great oak, ‘Hrillemar Tril’hema, the Oak Basket.

Into the clearing is a large humanoid creature with glowing eyes bearing a club and a leathery egg covered in patterns that look like large eyes fur.


The already bloodied creature fiercely attacked the trio to protect its’ “Fluffy”. Right as Pitz was to be completely eclipsed by a club, Belathors’ mace, which hadn’t tasted blood for hours, struck the killing blow.

A desperate owlbear crashes into the clearing, its’ lack of forbearance clear as it charges straight for the egg. Belathors’ hands, still not sated, bludgeon the back of the owlbears head with such force it erupts in a stomach-churning display of its former contents.

Once again bloodied, the adventures decide to rest and recuperate within the shelter of the roots of the gargantuan tree.

Image credit: Wizards of the Coast, some book, and Lachlan Tremaine’s photoshop skills


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