A First Stride:

For some time now, you have come to regard the Riverlands of Andurel as a kind of home. But the peaceful confines of civilised society leave cold those with a libido for the warming thrills of adventure.

Tales of forgotten riches – these “vestiges of divergence”, left in the wake of the abated Eldarin Empire, fuel the ambitions of many other hopefuls who scour the forgotten terrains of the Verdant Lowlands

You receive a flyer for an upcoming gala; commotions of these sorts always attract travellers, and a good one may make a merry man of even the most sour-faced Orc! With time to spare, you decide to stop in Quillion for a moment’s respite, and hopefully an opportunity to earn some coin.

The flyer reads:
Let us extend an overture of merriment to each and all!

Enter RAZGUL’s panorama of resplendent feats; no sane creature would dare test!

Rush to Nadina’s for your palm river readings, and devise what fates you will dare to fase!

Gawk unto Raphigue, he whose potency of vigour is contested by none!

Tendays eve of Xurluna comes an eventide that will crash onto the shores of your memories for your lifetime yet to come! Or perhaps forgotten, tale is yet to be told; depends how good the mead is!

Hamlet of Quillion will be our most gracious host!

Be present, or dare to regret it when tale reaches your ears, of the grandeur had on this night!

TFC // A First Stride

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